The Midwest’s Premier Classic European Road Rally June 3-4, 2022

Each stage is carefully routed to provide different challenges and a great driving cadence.



You’ve got the classic European car. You’ve spent endless hours and dollars getting it to a point where you’re proud of its cosmetic and mechanical prowess. Now what? Coffee & Classics? Putter around town on a sunny Saturday? Sure. But deep down you’ve always thought about what it would be like to drive it as it was meant. Enter the Fuelfed MotorGearo 250.



The Fuelfed MotorGearo 250 is a private vintage European road rally held June 3-4, 2022. 2022 marks our 7th year for the event, and we have a new start location to change things up a bit. This is a curated driving event for vintage European vehicles running over two days from Dubuque, IA, to Prairie du Chien, WI, and ends on day 2 in New Glarus, WI. Eight well-sorted stages of varying topographical road courses are designed to give older vehicles a great driving experience. And, you’ll have chase vehicles and roadside service as back up, if needed.

Fuelfed and non-Fuelfed members are welcome. Registration in advance is required (see Apply for deadlines).

The Fuelfed MG250 combines vintage European cars and great roads. The MG250 is limited to thirty cars (manufactured prior to 1995). We will curate the entrant vehicles based on varied criteria, but over all, on unique diversity. We want everyone to be excited they are driving with other smaller classics they would otherwise never have an opportunity to experience on the open road.

The MG250 is a drive at your own pace event and not a time-speed-distance-trial. So there is no pressure to go fast or drive beyond your comfort level and is suitable for the novice.


Fuelfed is a private classic European car club that focuses on driving, socializing and promoting the passion of classic European automotive ownership. As a diverse group of discerning enthusiasts, we each take pride in our own choice of marque, yet as a collective group, we all share the same passion. For us, it has always been about WHY WE DRIVE, NOT WHAT.

What started in Chicago in 1998 as a small club among friends who were obsessed with modifying and racing their classic European cars, has now grown into one of the largest and most unique private enthusiasts clubs anywhere. Fuelfed was founded on the spirit of driving and mechanical connectivity and has built itself with members who believe in this same ethos.

Prior Fuelfed membership is not a requirement of the MotorGearo 250. But, if  you’re fanatic European car enthusiast that enjoys the diverse camaraderie that no other single marque club can offer, Fuelfed may just be your nirvana.