The Midwest’s Premier Classic European Road Rally June 2-3, 2023

Well Vetted Roads

If you’re serious about driving and seek the best vintage driving experience in the Midwest, the Fuelfed MotorGearo 250 will leave you a believer. Each stage is designed to give a different driving experience and scenic vista. While driving is the priority, so is safety. Each stage has a short rest period to allow drivers to hydrate and regain focus. When strung together, the culmination of stages is designed with deminishing driver focus in mind. The final stage of the day is always more relaxing.

Fuelfed’s reputation as an exclusive driver’s club is well-earned from over 16 years of private event experience. Our events consistently sell out days after they’re announced. We work hard to vet the right people and the right cars to make the driving experience a cohesive journey for everyone. There is no room for egos or quick detailer when you run with Fuelfed.